Larry Is My OTP

Another girl shipping Larry c:
They're real and don't bother following me if you're going to hate on me because of it. →


"his curls or his smell ;) x" I could honestly talk about these four words smiley face and x for HOURS like…of all the things you could’ve said instead louis…his dumb jokes his cooking his laugh…of ALL the things you could’ve said you thought it was a good idea to say his…




Oh my god. This video is… stunning. But it broke my heart :( 

this is the saddest video i’ve ever watch but it’s amazing. I am speechless. It’s so hard to realize that everything in this video REALLY happened and still happens. 

If you don’t believe Larry is real after this video…Unfollow me. I hate saying that becasue I don’t want anyone to believe what they don’t want. But damn it. This video made me fucking cry. Like Seriously…

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do you all wanna be married and have children?

a hundred percent

yeah? even as young as you are?

yeah [slyly looks at harry]


Harry changing the lyrics in Teenage Dirtbag, and being a smug little fucker about it. x

there are children that attend these concerts

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when harry looks at louis he gets the same smile as when he was a 16 yr old sitting on the stairs slowly falling for him and i need to sit down

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Nova 969 Interview

Interviewer:Considering you had a really long day for you boys, umm..Harry can't talk. So, time to do some dirt.
Zayn:Harry smells.
Louis:He's secretly a woman.
Niall:Hahah harry, um.. harry's uhh, got a soar throat..voice at the moment so, we've got a big performance at the weekend so he's just resting up.
Liam:he's also got four nipples
Louis:and is a woman
Interviewer:Fantastic, now that was what i was after
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